Expert Management Of Asbestos Soil Contamination – Sydney Wide

Asbestos Removal Sydney offers expert management of asbestos soil contamination. This involves all aspects necessary in managing such potentially harmful contamination, ranging from inspection, removal, transportation to disposal.

Whether you need such removal services within workplaces, residential properties or other sites, you can depend on our professional service. We are fully licensed and insured.

Thorough Inspection Of Asbestos Soil Contamination, Sydney

Thorough inspection of the contaminated site is a critical first step in the removal process in order to ensure complete elimination of all potentially harmful substances. This is why we use only highly skilled personnel to fully inspect the affected soil, and derive a comprehensive evaluation of the level of contamination.

For a fully comprehensive inspection, various critical aspects are always considered, including:

–¬†Background knowledge on how the contamination occurred: Apart from providing vital knowledge that can assist in the removal process, such information would also help in implementing measures to prevent further incidences in future.

– The extent of contamination: Understanding exactly how deep and wide the contaminant has infiltrated the soil is essential in effective planning that delivers the best results.

– What form of asbestos is present: Such information is critical in execution of the most appropriate removal strategies, as well as requisite safety measures.

– Evaluation of the current and expected future use of the site: Every removal exercise must deliver results that are well suited to the kind of use the soils would be subjected to; otherwise, there may be potential for further contamination or harm.

Following the comprehensive inspection, our highly skilled team of experts prepares the most effective removal strategy, factoring all safety aspects.

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Secure Transportation Of Waste

Following the removal process, we also ensure safe transportation of asbestos. This involves compliance with guidelines set out by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA):

–¬†All contaminated soil would always be damp prior to transportation, a key aspect that curbs airborne asbestos dust or fibres.

– Specially labelled and sealed containers are utilized to avert unwarranted contact with other objects or people.

– As a further safety measure, the vehicle used in waste transportation is leak-proof and covered.

– We also make prior arrangements with the respective landfill site, to fulfil requirements for delivery of asbestos waste.

Apart from ensuring all requisite processes are fulfilled, every step of the entire process is closely supervised to prevent any harmful incidences. Based on the official guidelines on asbestos management, no waste materials would ever be re-used or inappropriately dumped.

Proper Asbestos Waste Disposal

Even to the very end of the removal process, our highly professional team always abides by high standards of waste disposal. In compliance with EPA requirements, all asbestos waste derived from both commercial activities and domestic premises is only deposited at sites licensed for disposal of asbestos under waste code N220.

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